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London health Commission

Lord Darzi was ‘shocked’ by the findings of his Better Health For London review, and his commission recommends wide ranging measures that will require the help of a vast, untapped resource to achieve its goals – the people of London


The city is unquestionably one of the world’s greatest, but on a range of measures – food, air quality, mental and physical fitness, damaging habits, poverty – it needs to do more to provide a healthy environment for its population, the pioneering surgeon and former Labour health minister said. 

The London Health Commission compared 10 global cities – London, Sydney, Toronto, Paris, Tokyo, New York, Hong Kong, Johannesburg, Madrid and Sao Paolo – the results of which Lord Darzi describes as “shocking”.

“Every day, the equivalent of two classrooms of kids take up smoking. If we don’t do something about this, we will be treating a population that is very sick, with worse outcomes and a much higher management cost,” he tells HSJ.

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