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Clinical Leaders

HSJ’s audience is drawn from both the public and private sectors, with readers united by one fact, they are all healthcare leaders. With new forms of regulation and the requirement to deliver excellent care while making cost savings, there has arguably never been a more challenging time to be a leader in the NHS.


The judges of HSJ’s Clinical Leaders are asked to make a complicated and nuanced estimation of those nominated for the honour. On one hand they must judge a person’s influence on healthcare policy, NHS performance or clinical
innovation; on the other they must make a much more subjective judgment on how well that person’s clinical background informs the exercising of that influence. 

The 100 people we have therefore chosen – from across the spectrum – are all leaders, both in their practice and their day to day example. But, importantly, for all of them their clinical backgrounds are vital to the decisions they make, the face they show to the world, even if, at a day to day level, the job they are doing is far removed from clinical practice.

They still rely on evidence when weighing difficult choices and they keep the patient front and centre as a wide range of financial, political and
professional pressures pile in on them.

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