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Annual Lecture

The rise of patient power, driven by technology, set the theme for the second HSJ annual lecture, delivered this year by Jeremy Hunt, with other key topics including transparency about NHS performance and Ofsted-style ratings for CCGs


Given what’s happening in the Labour party I may not be the most interesting Jeremy in British politics right now – but I do want to talk about the most interesting issue in global healthcare.

This is something we will all be talking about long after new models of care, accountable care organisations or any of the current “hot topics” have long become too normal to be interesting.

I am talking about the inescapable, irreversible shift to patient power that is about to change the face of modern medicine beyond recognition. And I want to talk about how this can ease pressure on frontline doctors and nurses, already working incredibly hard, by creating a stronger partnership between doctor and patient that leads to better outcomes.

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